Phantom Brave PC arrives on Steam this July

NIS America is bringing  Nippon Ichi Software’s tactical-RPG Phantom Brave to Steam as Phantom Brave PC.

The official trailer for the PC version gives a brief insight into the two main characters Marona, a young girl who has the ability to communicate with phantoms,  and Ash, the phantom of a young boy who protects Marona. Also shown in the trailer is the battle and crafting system available in game, the PC version will also include the “Another Marona” story from the PSP version of the game Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle.

All is relatively peaceful in Ivoire, but this peace is slowly deteriorating due to several Monstrous creatures appearing in areas and bizarre geological and climate conditions. This is caused by a Demon known as Sulphur, a skeletal monster bent on conquering Ivoire and turning it into a Netherworld where his rule is law. Sulphur was stopped by Scarlet the Brave during his last attempt to do so but Scarlet disappeared after that.

Now Marona and Ash must step up to the plate and help fight against Sulphur and his demons before Ivoire becomes engulfed in darkness forever.

NIS have also announced via their official newsletter, that there will be a exclusive physical limited edition available from the NISA Europe Online store which will be available to pre-order from June 23rd. The Phantom Brave PC limited edition will include:

– Steam key for Phantom Brave PC
– Phantomnomicon – 44 pages of character bios, behind-the-scenes sketches, and illustrations from Phantom Brave, available for the first time outside Japan!
– Five gorgeous 133mm x 187mm mini art prints featuring the illustrated works of Takehito Harada.
– Special collector’s box with additional art work from Takehito Harada.

Phantom Brave LE


Phantom Brave PC is set to release on Steam on July 25th or if you don’t want to wait you can head on over to the Steam page and pre-purchase the game now.

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