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No Time To Explain Heading to PS4 Soon

TinyBuild have announced that No Time to Explain is heading to the PS4 on the 29th March.  Originally released in 2011 on the PC, it was the first game from tinyBuild and they promised to bring it to the Playstation platform.  It has only taken them five years later they deliver on this promise!

Anyway, No Time to Explain is an action platformer with a futuristic twist that offers a challenge to gamers!

“You won’t stay alive though. You will die over and over again. Trust me.

No Time to Explain is an extremely silly game, and the further you get into the game, the more ridiculous it becomes. Sometimes your weapon will change, or your hero will morph, or the world around you will make no sense, or maybe you’ll just get really fat and eat a bunch of cake? All bets are off, quite frankly.”

To add more “fun” to this crazy idea you can play through the entire game with three of your friends!  Imagine the chaos!

What more needs to be said?!

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