Star Ocean 5 Ps4 & Ps3 Version Differences Detailed

Square Enix has announced the details on the differences between the Playstation 4 & Playstation 3 versions of Star Ocean Integrity & Faithlessness. The main differences, which were revealed during the latest Star Ocean broadcast earlier, are set to be:

  • Game Contents – The same across both platforms.
  • Cross-Save – Not supported.
  • Feature Differences – Share features and PS Vita Remote Play supported on PlayStation 4. Not supported on PlayStation 3.
  • Frame Rate – 60fps (some parts vary) on PlayStation 4. 30 fps (some parts vary) on PlayStation 3.
  • Resolution – 1080p on PlayStation 4. 720p on PlayStation 3.
  • Graphics – PS4: finer physics processing, characters, backgrounds, effects, and such, and objects and monsters at a distance are displayed on-screen. PS3: some expressions are reduced and simplified, and objects and monsters at a distance are not displayed on-screen.

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness is due to release for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 in Japan on March 31st, with only the Playstation 4 version making its way west later in the year.


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