The Reject Demon Toko Sequel Heading Our Way This Year

Lupiesoft has announced new info for the first chapter of The Reject Demon Toko. Taosym, lead artist & director at Lupiesoft, updated the games official Steam page with information on the upcoming Toko Chapter 1:

– Firstly, Chapter 1 — Scherzo is coming later this year, we can’t give an exact date to this, but these last few months we’ve been finalizing the outline for Chapters 1~3, our goal is to start writing Ch 1 in March, with further chapters to follow after that.

Chapter 1 is about Toko and her new band venturing into Middle Circle, where they meet The Psychopomps, A group of demons led by Ossetia, a girl with a strange dark power!

Taosym also provides information on an upcoming patch & Voice DLC heading to Chapter 0 soon:

– In addition to this, the last few months we’ve been auditioning VAs for a voice acting patch, we’re in the final stages of auditions right before we begin casting. As we start casting and recording we can share some more info and examples regarding that! The VA patch will be DLC, the final cost is not known yet but it won’t be more expensive than the game itself. We’re determining the price based on our costs.

– And finally, to come alongside the VA patch we’re going to be creating a HiRes patch that will update the game up to a maximum possible resolution of 1440p, and include full body hi-res sprites. This will be free for everyone who bought and buys the game in the future!

No firm dates were put forward for any of the new announcments, but it should please fans to know what is heading our way for The Reject Demon Toko

You can read our archived review of Chapter 0 HERE

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