Rocketbirds 2 Coming to PS4 & Vita

Coming soon to the PS4 and VITA is the sequel to the highly acclaimed platformer Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken.  Releasing under the title of Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, it features improved controls, new game modes and still contains the humour from its predecessor as well as a killer soundtrack!

Press Release

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution picks up right where the cinematic adventure of Hardboiled Chicken left off. Players again will gear up as Hardboiled, the tough-as-nails, plucky chicken super-agent and the original “Cock of War.” The evil megalomaniacal despot Putzki, who wants nothing more than to bend the world to his wing, is still alive, and his evil plans force Hardboiled to hunt him down and eliminate him once and for all. Featuring enhanced gameplay controls, new combat systems, an expanded arsenal, and two new game modes, Rocketbirds 2: Evolution’s new level of depth and replay value also is fueled with jetpack action, space owls, and co-op multiplayer.

rocketbirds 2

Key features of Rocketbirds 2: Evolution include:

  • Improved Controls: New and improved controls provide easy to pick-up-and-play gameplay, plus an upgraded combat system where gamers can run, aim, jump and shoot; all at the same time.
  • New Game Modes: Two new game modes: Story Mode and Rescue Mode
  • Story Mode: In story mode, Hardboiled finds out Putzki is still alive and seeks to eliminate him once and for all. Along the way, Hardboiled realizes the Trans-dimensional Space Owls are behind it all and needs to re-assess who his enemies really are.
  • Rescue Mode: Assemble a strike force of great magnitude and drop-in to a game of (up to four player) online/offline Rescue Mode, a meta collection game that takes place in up to four completely different, procedurally generated locations. Gear up, Rescue and Recruit over 16 hostages to fight the Penguin Regime. Prefer to play alone? You can do that too, but we recommend you Rent-A-Duck mercenary for additional “feather-power” support. And get ready to ruffle feathers in the Dojo, where players can go head-to-head in intense firefights.
  • Hardboiled Humor: Fused with hilarious voice-over moments, Rocketbirds 2: Evolution retains the original game’s sense of humor and builds on it with more laughable and ridiculously absurd moments
  • High Flying Soundtrack: The talented band New World Revolution, which provided the kick-a$$ soundtrack for the original game, is back with an exclusive soundtrack to bring the game to life.
  • Unlockables and Easter Eggs: Discover loot locations throughout Rescue Mode to unlock 100+ weapons and costumes, money to buy ammo, better weapons, or rent-a-duck for combat support.


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