News: New Screens for Naruto Shippuden UNS4

Today our good friends are Bandai Namco provided us with some fantastic screens for the upcoming anime/manga smash Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 which releases on the 5th of February on our rainy shores for X Box One & Playstation 4.

Below you can see some of the old classics in action like Naruto, Sakura & Sauske but also some of the newcomers including Naruto’s son Boruto & Sasuke’s daughter Sarada. Other new characters including Madara, Obito & Kaguya.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the latest in the Ninja Storm series and we are confident this will be the strongest Naruto title yet! Stay tuned to Otaku Gamers UK for an upcoming review and more news from the Naruto franchise.

02_1437139167 04_1437139170

009_1437139171 Boruto04_1438754608

Boruto02_1438754607 Boruto_Sarada_Comb_Sec_Tech02_1438754605


Boruto_Sarada_Comb_Sec_Tech01_1438754604 010_1437139172


IA07_1448891544 Kabuya_1-1_1438754608


Kabuya_2-2_1438754609  powerup02_1448891547


PREMONTAGE_SQ_1080_2997_v2_1435749362.00_01_17_28.Still039 PREMONTAGE_SQ_1080_2997_v2_1435749361.00_01_10_05.Still032

PREMONTAGE_SQ_1080_2997_v2_1434457182.00_00_28_10.Still003 PREMONTAGE_SQ_1080_2997_v2_1434451583.00_01_55_02.Still060


PREMONTAGE_SQ_1080_2997_v2_1434451563.00_01_05_21.Still028 PREMONTAGE_SQ_1080_2997_v2_1435749364.00_01_27_24.Still047


Sarada_UI_1438754610 Sarada01_1438754610

Sarada02_1438754611 Sasuke_vs_Kaguya01_1436948475

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