Episodic Platformer The Wanderer Kickstarter Begins

Imagine yourself being awoken from a cold sleep aboard an orbital prison only to wake up to find that it has crashed down to the ruins of an abandoned Earth.

Wanderer tells the tale of a man called Rook, a greying convict who wakes from cold sleep aboard a massive orbital prison facility to find that it’s crash landed on the ruins of an abandoned Earth. With the guidance of a hacker named Jin and the aid of a ragtag group of survivors he recruits along the way, Rook must locate and explore the nine cell blocks which have detached from the prison’s central tower and scattered across Earth’s ghostly wasteland.

The Wanderer is a strange one and I find it hard to put it into a gaming genre – lets give it a go though; it is a Lo-Fi Sci-Fi Episodic Cinematic RPG Point & Click Platformer.  Needless to say this is an ambition project that takes inspiration from a huge variety of games including Another World, Paper Mario and Heavy Rain (to name a few).   I particularly like that they have used the Paper Mario series as inspiration for the combat model as I think it is a great way to play a battle out

The game has taken over a year to conceptualize and development has been going for about 6 months now with a working prototype that includes;

  • The game’s platforming including full AI companion and enemy pathfinding.
  • Puzzle solving/adventure game mechanics.
  • An initial implementation for combat mechanics.
  • Branching and contextual dialogues.
  • A custom and complete in-game scene editor with an advanced script system.
  • All the basic components like the save system, medias integration and management pipelines and an advanced and flexible rendering pipeline with light and post-processing effects.

The team at Red Cloak Games have put a lot of detail into The Wanderer and it all can be viewed at their Kickstarter Page or over at the Greenlight page.

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