Dude, Stop

Every One Will Hate You in Dude, Stop!

The one thing that will always catch my eye when browsing the internet for an upcoming indie games is that it needs to be a little different.  On my daily hunt around my various sources one title caught my eye and after looking into it I think it could be one to keep an eye out for.

Dude, Stop is a puzzle game where the goal is not to complete the puzzles but to make every one hate you.  As descripted in the Steam Greenlight page, the aim is to solve the puzzles as badly as possible – you could just solve them correctly but seriously, where is the fun in that;

Dude, Stop is a puzzle game, where the main goal is to make everyone hate you.
And I mean it! If someone would watch you play, they could slap you upside the head and call you The Most Evil Person alive! And we are not even sorry about that! Because we know that deep down in your soul… you really like it! You like ruining our puzzles, solving them badly, and looking for that one solution that could make your evil-self happy! …or, you know, you can be a boring chap and solve all the puzzles as a normal, casual, average human being. But let’s face it – we know what it’s gonna be in the end, right? …you monster!
There is a demo available so you fancy having a go at this OCD sufferer’s nightmare, then head over to the game’s Steam Greenlight page for more details.  If I get chance over the weekend I will give this one a quick go myself.

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