Death Beneath the Labyrinth first gameplay trailer

Death Beneath the Labyrinth is Compile Heart’s second title under their Hell’s #1 House label. The dungeon crawler’s first gameplay trailer shows us more of what they have in the planning.

Due to the lack of information on a localisation to the west the entire trailer is in Japanese.

After the introduction and a quick look at the characters, the trailer shows some of the “Guardians” at about 1:12. It is rumoured that you can have up to two million possible combinations for the Guardians, with various parts such as body, arms, and more.

These guardians will help out the heroines in battle, and will be the ones to do the fighting against monsters as you take on dungeons.

Death Beneath the Labyrinth will release in Japan on December 17th for PlayStation Vita. Hopefully localisation news won’t be far behind.

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