Time is Running Out For De Mambo!

The Smash Bros inspired minimalistic brawler De Mambo is running out of time over at Kickstarter!  At the time of writing The Dangerous Kitchen’s game is only at £8,000 of the £15,000 needed to fund the project and the final date is Thursday 8th October.

De Mambo is quite simply a game of deception and treachery where you put your life on the line for—oh, sorry, that’s just a description of the life I lead. No De Mambo is a fast paced, single-screen action platformer that is kinda Smash Bros, sorta Breakout and nothing like either of these since it has its own swing.

De Mambo started out as a way for us to channel our Smash Bros hype—the 3DS version was just on the horizon—into something that would make us stop scouring the web, drooling with rattling hands, over any new info or footage. To say we are Smash addicts is an understatement. Influenced by the teachings of the great and immortal Masahiro Sakurai, we set out to alchemically deconstruct Smash Bros and then reconstruct it into something entirely our own. Our mantra was ‘minimal’ as we wanted to cut the fluff, to rid of anything not entirely necessary to the fun core of a game—it also went hand in hand with our huge technical limitations at the time.

I got my hands on De Mambo whilst at EGX this year and it is a very fun game with equally simple controls.  You move around the stage with your D-Pad and attacks are controlled with one button.  Even though the attack it assigned to one button there is three stages of attack.  It is a great local multiplayer brawler that does manage to capture the magic that makes games like Super Smash Bros so much fun.  It is truly amazing what people will do when they cannot wait for a game to come out.

If you want to find out any more details about De Mambo, head over to the Kickstarter page.
De Mambo is aiming for a July 2016 release on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Mac, PC, Linux and hopefully the WiiU & Xbox One.



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