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As this site is going to focus on my gaming hobby, I think it is only fair to share what my current set up is.

My first PS3 I had was a 40gb fat edition, which I brought about a year after the release of the PS3.  Before that I had a Wii & Xbox 360.  This served me well, taking up an entire shelf on my tv area.  This was until Sony showed off the PS3 slim and I knew I had to have one.  So I “donated” my fat PS3 to my girlfriend so she could play on PS Home and I treated myself to a new PS3 and a copy of Batman Arkham Asylum.  The hard drive was a good size at the time but I eventually ended up getting PS Plus and I needed to upgrade to a 500gb.  This PS3 is still being used after 2 moves and various TV upgrades.

Even when the times come to Upgrade to the PS4, the PS3 will not be forgotten.  It will be moved into our bedroom and used for Netflix!

Now for the portable fun!  I have owned a PSVita from day one & I have supported it all the way through.  I think that this console is in a fantastic position.  It has a lot of support for Indie Devs, a few AAA titles & remote play with the PS4.  The remote play is the most exciting thing for me.  I say this because I have had to loose the TV due to my partner wanting to watch something.  So now I can just transfer my game across to my Vita and continue playing!  Happy Days!

So that is my set up.  I have owned other consoles during this generations including a PSP, DS, 3DS & Xbox 360 but I always end up coming back to Sony.

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