Bloodwash (Switch)

Bloodwash is the latest title for the Nintendo Switch published by Puppet Combo but developed by Black Eyed Priest and Henry Horse, put out by Puppet Combos publishing name Torture Star Video. Does it fall in line with the rising star of B-Movie inspired games or is a pound shop nasty?.

Bloodwash stars Sara, a pregnant women who’s useless boyfriend is once again hungover and hiding in the bathroom, you tidy up and try to do the laundry only to find the apartment block washing machine broken down. 

You get told of a 24/7 laundromat across town and despite better judgement (because it is a horror game after all!) You travel across town late into the night to get a break and clean some clothes. It’s here you discover the tale of the “Womb-Ripper” and the mystery that surrounds them.

The story is absolutely gripping from start to finish, the cast of characters you meet are such a bizarre collection, well voice acted and really help push the narrative along. There are absolutely loads of notes, comments and items around that further expand the lore behind the serial killer that’s plaguing the city.

Talking of lore expanding, there are a collection of comics you can collect during your time with Bloodwash and these are fantastic, they are of genuine comic quality and as a fan of the paper based stories I found myself searching high and low to get them all so I had something to do while waiting for my drying to be done!.

The gameplay is in line with the “Walking Sim” style of horror, there is only one enemy in the game and one weapon so I’m sure you can imagine at what point your gun will crop up!. You navigate between the Laundromat, a general store, pizza shop, pawn store and two other locations which I won’t spoil, finding items which you can then show to the people still around at this ungodly hour to push the narrative forward. 

There is a constant tension in the air of Bloodwash and to say I jumped more than a few times would be an understatement. The Womb-Ripper as a video nasty serial killer was well written and from the second you step onto the forecourt you feel an uneasy tension, you’ll be creeping around praying for the night to end. 

Bloodwash is a short playthrough coming in at around an hour and half but thankfully it’s mostly a case of all killer no filler, the final area could have done with a little more to it as visually it’s just bleh but aside from that the only issue I had with Bloodwash was the performance on Nintendo Switch. 

The performance on the hybrid really isn’t too great, especially in the main section of the Laundromat the games tanks in framerate to almost PowerPoint presentation levels. Fortunately it doesn’t damage the game too much and with it being a short but sweet ride it didn’t stick around enough to cause any real issues.

Bloodwash is a fantastic B-Movie horror ride, it doesn’t outstay its welcome, has so many little extras and that unmistakable charm you can see why Puppet Combo put their name to it. To be as cheesy as possible, Bloodwash is a Serially good time.



A short but sweet video nasty

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