Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef (Switch)

Despite the dozens and dozens games, there’s never been a Warhammer 40k game with a more cartoon visual style. Obviously being a dark and gritty franchise, it never really hands itself to a more animated approach. So after 62 games, we finally get Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef a 2d with a hugely striking visual style. Developed by Rogueside (previously of Guns, Gore & Cannoli), released in October 2022, on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC. Let’s have a look at this stylish shooter.

You play as one of four selectable Orks sent into Luteus Alpha on a dangerous mission to lead an invasion on Luteus Prime. Fans of 40k will be right at home in minutes, with lots of references and visuals which match the war game. Granted in this delightful visual style. Your four characters and be given certain classes, clans, and hats, which mostly are only cosmetic but add a little depth to your playthrough, and four characters = four playthroughs.

Gameplay is similar to the Rogueside’s previous efforts in Guns, Gore & Cannoli, a 2d side scrolling shooter, with some brief exploration. Unlike titles like Metal Slug and Alien Hominid, we’re not restricted to going from just A-B, maps will often have you traversing up down, back on yourself and beyond. This gives a little more dimension to non-stop shooting but doesn’t feel like it’s a huge addition to the game.

Levels are often busy with many enemies and over things going on, there’s other Orks and humans to shoot, and a lot of favourite vehicles make appearances as boss fights. You’ll be often stopped from pacing around to fight constant enemies in bigger arenas, you won’t be let out till they’re all dead. These add a bit of a nice mix up, before you’re sent back on your way.

Unfortunately on Switch performance really struggles, in busier areas the fps can drop to the low teens. Which for a game of this genre should really not be happening, even on a Switch. There’s a lot of busy sections too so it’s not like it can be overlooked after a couple of bits.

Visually Shootas really stands out, despite it being a grim 40k setting, the hand drawn characters and world look really good, these are extremely authentic to the franchise and look absolutely fantastic. A lot of details been added to make sure fans are going to be kept happy, with the humans and especially the vehicles looking great, the player characters also have a huge amount of cosmetics which give a little extra depth to whichever you decide to unlock, we also have a good deal of Ork clans to play as which each also have a different lick of paint too.

The story mode will last better players around a good 6 hours, but there’s tons of unlockables. Including dozens of weapons to purchase in game, the previously mentioned hats, and a gallery of screens to unlock as you go through the game, as well as your different character classes, with their own special attacks and play styles to match yourself up with. There’s also a versus and co-op mode to sink your big Ork teeth into if you want to play with your squad.

The soundtrack for Blood & Teef absolutely shreds too, but it’s too be expected when it’s from Deon Van Heerden (Broforce OST), full of jamming metal riffs, to make it sound like you’re in the middle of a warzone shredding your way through hundreds of enemies. Fit’s really well in the aesthetic of the game, make sure you turn this up though as it’s a bit quiet when you’re ripping and tearing.

As well as being available digitally, there’s some nice physical editions coming through with a vanilla release from ININ Games [Store], alongside an exclusive collectors edition at Games Rocket [Store]. Blood & Teef overall is a brief but fun ride that doesn’t over stay it’s welcome, but hampered by a few technical issues.



A Good offering with bags more potential

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