Disgaea 6 Complete (Playstation 5)

Disgaea 6 Complete is the re-release of 2021s Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny. Initially a Switch exclusive, the game makes its way to PC and PS4/5 along with all of the base games additional content making this version of the game the definitive version. The game released June 28th 2022.  

The story follows Zed, a zombie who is determined to defeat an evil god of destruction wreaking havoc across the Netherworld. Zed has already failed many times before the story begins but is revived through “super reincarnation” which makes him stronger each time he is defeated. Each time he is defeated he is revived in a new netherworld with a different overlord ruling over it.

Throughout the story, Zed travels through netherworlds and meets several new party members, all with over the top personalities. The story doesn’t take itself too seriously and the writing is genuinely very funny at times and really leans into how ridiculous it is. This makes the game incredibly entertaining to play through. Overall, I enjoyed the games story, particularly because of its comedy.

The gameplay will definitely feel familiar to fans of the series. The game plays out as a turn based strategy game that has a huge amount of depth. Characters can use special skills or even throw other characters around the map to give them an extra boost in movement. The ridiculousness the series is known for is also present here with characters that explode when you throw them and endless chains of countering each other’s attacks. The games real depth comes in its progression systems.

The game has a ridiculous level cap of 99,999,999 and each individual stat can also hit insane levels. You can also reset your characters levels to increase their overall stats to make the perfect character. This all makes for fantastic progression that feels incredibly satisfying to see your characters level up. More and more systems open up as you play, such as the Item World where you can enter a randomly generated dungeon that’s inside of an item so you can power the item up. Overall, I feel the gameplay is good and has a good amount of depth in its customization systems that can let you create the ultimate character.

This version of the game has all of the DLC that was released for the original version of the game. This adds a lot of content such as new story scenarios that include characters from past games in the series and allows you to recruit them along with items to give you a jump start in the early game and alternate colors for the games cast. All of this combined with the game no longer having the performance issues that hindered the initial switch release make this game the best way to experience Disgaea 6.

The series makes the jump to 3D this time around with all of the characters and environments being brought to life with the games new art style. However, the style of the game is still distinctly Disgaea and fans of the series will feel at home with the new style. While I’ve always loved the 2D art style of the series, The jump to 3D lets the game look fantastic, especially in the characters special attacks. The soundtrack of the game is fantastic and many of the tracks are memorable and really adds to the charm of the game. The hub theme in particular is great and is a real highlight. The games voice acting is also great and fits the characters well. Overall, The jump to 3D visuals did not hurt the charm of the game and the game still looks and sounds great.

Overall, Disgaea 6 Complete is the best way to experience the game. The game mixes in depth strategy gameplay with hilarious writing to make for a great game that has a huge amount of content for you to put time into.



A great strategy game with a lot of depth and hilarious writing for it’s over the top cast.

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