Wolfstride (Switch)

Wolfstride hit Steam a few months back to praise and admiration for its unique mix of Mech battles and classic anime inspired art style, now it’s time to see how well this indie gem fares on the Nintendo Switch.

Wolfstride is heavily focused on its narrative, following the exploits of 3 ex-criminals who decide to try and find fame and fortune in the form of rising the ranks of a Mech competition.

If you’re familiar with anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star or Trigun you’ll be more than at home with the personalities on offer, Shade himself just smacks of a certain Spike Spiegel. 

Each character you meet has a degree of mystery and you’ll yearn to know more about them and the world of Wolfstride as you slowly make your way up the rankings and closer to that dream of finally making it. 

The mix of retro styled graphics with a very strong black and white classic anime artstyle really helps Wolfstride stand out amongst games, the art is drawn brilliantly and just oozes charm, being the game has a strong focus on narrative it’s a good job the game is very pleasing to look at. 

After a rather explosive opening the pacing of the game slows to a crawl as you start to learn about the world, your crew and just why winning this tournament is so important. You’re given a time limit in which to fix your mech and in this you’ll perform fetch quests and mini games under the guise of jobs in order to earn more money and improve your weapon of death.

Combat in Wolfstride is a turn based affair with a focus on positioning and what part of the enemy mech you are targeting along with energy management. 

The further away from you foe you are means more scope for ranged attacks and less damage potential so it’s down to you to decide when you move in closer for the kill, certain attacks will also push the enemy mech across the battlefield allowing you to get a little more breathing room. 

You can target any part of the enemy mechs meaning you can destroy the legs to cripple movement or specific limbs if an attack seems particularly damaging, the goal being to lay waste to the cockpit, unfortunately you can get away with attacking that part from the off and a lot of the time success comes much quicker for doing so.

Wolfstride is a unique title that marries nostalgia with some addictive but basic gameplay and has one of those stories that just stick with you, certainly one for older heads like myself who aren’t quite up-to-date with current anime like Boruto and the others. 



A fantastic experience even if it’s not the deepest “game”

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