B.I.O.T.A (PC)

B.I.O.T.A aims to capture the imagination of early PC Platformers with the wildfire genre that is “Metroidvania”, does it work? Come dig with me!.

B.I.O.T.A developed by Small Bros sees you taking control of a few playable characters who’ve been tasked with the goal of clearing out an alien infested mine. 

The game starts you out in a rather tense “escape the base” sequence, this doubles as a tutorial slash scene setter before the game slows down a bit for the main event. 

Now before you start to delve into the mines of this Metroidvania you’ll have to make a decision on its marmite visual scheme, that of a 4 colour pallet.

Despite reasonably detailed pixel art on the playable characters and the enemies, the limited colour palette can be a turnoff for some people so it’s worth deciding initially if it’s for you, you are able to change the colours which is a nice addition. 

Alongside the colour scheme the game also has a distinct 8-bit visual style, this makes the game look like something you would have played on the original GameBoy. 

So the gameplay of B.I.O.T.A is that of a traditional “Metroidvania” though with its self imposed limitations I’d say it’s closer to the original Metroid. 

You’ll explore the mining facility, solving puzzles, fighting enemies and backtracking throughout, the standard for the genre really, nothing groundbreaking that hasn’t been beaten into the ground already. 

The controls are really floaty for this title and I never felt really comfortable with them sadly, the combat was basic and serviceable but again felt standard for the genre.

The game also features an arcade mode which presents a target practice mode and a mode where you have to speedrun sections of the game.

The game also boasts that it has a save anywhere feature which confused the hell out of me because it wouldn’t let me save anywhere and only in certain sections, bizarre!.

I know it sounds like I’ve been bagging on the title from the get-go but as Metroidvania titles go this is kind of middle of the road, not terrible but not outstanding. 

My main issue really with the game is that its yet another Metroidvania, I would have loved this to have been more of a traditional platformer game in the style of Commander Keen or the like. 

It’s budget priced and a fun time, just isn’t going to be the next Hollow Knight. 



Marmite visuals with average content.

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