YouTubers Life 2 (PC)

I ain’t easy being a content creator, there is a delicate balance between success and failure. Art often imitates life and was such with the original YouTubers Life, now it’s time for the channel relaunch, sub for YouTubers Life 2 and remember to like and leave a comment!.

YouTubers Life 2 is a simulation game much in the vein of The Sims where it puts you in control of your characters life but also their ambition to be a famous YouTuber!.

First off you have a fairly decent character builder to design your own over the top and cartoony ‘Tuber, this all ties in wonderfully with the art style which also sees several famous content creators such as “Pew Die Pie” recreated in this direction.

You are given the freedom to choose what type of channel you want to make, from cooking to gaming and everything in-between, me and my daughter decided to do a gaming one because we are painfully original like that. 

You can then wander around the newly implemented free roam world, start work on content, edit said content, publish it then wait for the readies to come in. 

Despite the idea being a little “iffy” it actually creates quite an addictive gameplay loop of finding the best ways to capture an audience, edit your videos and monetize them in a way that you can better not only your lifestyle but your videos for even more wonga.

There is a story here to follow but it’s honestly nothing more than window dressing that can easily be forgotten about quite quickly.

The main allure of this game is getting stuck into the management aspects of running an ever growing YouTube channel, without the physicality or time/financial dedication of actually running a YouTube channel. 

YouTubers Life 2 is a much more enjoyable product that eSports Life was and presents more of what gamers including myself loved about the original YouTubers Life, unfortunately not all of it is solid gold here.

As mentioned you have a free roam world to explore, this is fun if you like pointless walking around and watching the screen turn to loading every couple of minutes. Alot of what is now findable on the world map was accessed via menus on the first game. 

Maybe this was a choice to show that not all content creators are recluse’s who only appear at events or the developers just tried a new idea and it just hasn’t quite stuck. 

Either way the Free roam world is a real drag on the pacing of an already slow grind of a game. 

If you enjoyed the original release you can get more of what you loved here with some improvements in terms of edits and what you can do with your channel. Just know it’s a slower paced game bogged down with an empty, soulless free roam world and “YouTubers” thrown in to make you mark out. 



It’s a YouTubers Life for me

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