Warioware: Get It Together! (Switch)

WarioWare is one of those series that came out of nowhere but since its inception helps define every Nintendo platform with its quirky humour and inventive ways to use the controls. Will WarioWare: Get It Together! Continue this tradition or is it a bit old Yellow hat now?.

WarioWare: Get It Together! features everyone’s favourite yellow Mario-a-like, greed fueled treasure hunter swapping adventure for game development. 

After finishing his game Wario and the iconic WarioWare cast gather round for a playtest it turns out the game is that bug riddled. It absorbs the unwilling hero and his friends and thus sets up the story for this title. 

The writing here is minimal at best and I’m sure you can gather that the story isn’t going to be up for debate on the Twitter machine backed up with copious amounts of YouTube videos “explaining” what is going on.

What you are given is a fun narrative with well drawn cutscenes introducing you to each member of the crew and a few interactions, unlike SpookWare there is less focus on narrative and more intent on getting you where you want to be.

For those of you unaware of what WarioWare actually is, long story short this is a collection of mini games, designed to be understood and played in literal seconds, they take advantage of the control scheme of the console they are on in this case the Nintendo Switch and are always a tonne of fun, this game presents no exception. 

Unlike previous titles “Get It Together!” Lets you play as the supporting cast who all have unique play styles and ways they interact with the challenges, every mini game is totally viable with every character so it’s down to your preference who you take with you through the 200 mini games on offer.

An example of the characters would be Wario has a Jetpack and his handy shoulder barge attack whereas 18-Volt sits in place and just aims, his movements are restricted to firing at golden rings to move him from place to place, Mona on the other hand flies around on her scooter and you can control her boomerang. 

The story mode sees you meeting up with each character and taking on a certain themed set of mini games, examples being some based on retro games while others are sports based.

Once you’ve polished that off which should take a few short but fun hours you can tackle some other modes such as an endless mode or the online leaderboards, it’s a shame there isn’t an online mode so you’re only stuck with couch co-op Wario based fun. 

There are also dedicated multiplayer games which are a little more substantial than the mini games offered within the story and are also a load of fun, these are unlocked after the story mode and gift you the old school Balloon Bang and even a rather fun Volleyball game. 

They are always special games: the Warioware series and Get It Together! Is no exception, while on paper they don’t seem like the best bang for your buck on the run time, the multiplayer side and replayability of trying to beat old scores never gets tired, it’s Nintendo magic condensed into 200 small mini games you’ll have a hankering to get back to time and time again.



A fantastic and fun compliation that is easy to pick up and hard to put down. Might not appeal to some but those who love the series need this latest versionĀ 

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