Lawn Mowing Simulator (Xbox Series X)

It’s 2021, we have apps now to simulate white noise to help us sleep. Now you can play a game which potentially help you sleep. Let’s have a look at Lawn Mowing Simulator, the 2021 game developed by Simulator sub studio Dovetail games in their debut solo title.

Lawn Mowing Simulator follows the same basis of other Simulators like Farming Simulator et al. You’re a new Lawn Mowing business and trying to get your empire expanded as large as possible. Set up is pretty simple, give yourself a name and a look, then do the same with your business. I went with “Long lawn of the justice” which was a little pun on my online handle, you’re the left to pick your first vehicle then off you go.

Levels are based on obviously areas of grass, these are mostly peoples gardens, or communal areas. These all differ in size, and shape, like most gardens really, sometimes people will have a few trees in the garden, loads of bushes, maybe even a nice water feature. Each level you have a few minutes to make sure there’s no hazards around that can potentially damage your mower which you won’t want. Delving deeper you have to keep an eye on your petrol and damage on machine, each customer will want specific requests in regards to how they want their gardens mowed too. This can be a certain % of the lawn done and how short the grass is cut.

Sound like a lot, so you might need some help, there’s also 12 officially licensed mowers available, no Flymo’s in sight either. The beasts you’ll be behind the wheel of are brands like Toro, SCAG and STIGA, these all have a slight different way of using them, maybe they’ll be a bit faster or cover a larger are of lawn mowing. Luckily, you’re able to hire new staff members to keep on top of the many jobs you’ll be requested to do. This brings a lot more of a micro-management system to the game, trying to keep on top of everything is a bit of a faff and some of the staff you can hire aren’t half as good as you’re going to be.

Visually the game is as nice as it needs to be, grass isn’t hugely detailed unfortunately and you sometimes you’ll be adamant that the lawn is 100% done but your gauge will show otherwise. Character models are fine, as are the nice gardens you’ll visit. There’s always someone walking about in the background and cars will go past every now and then. Though surely with Sim games your main focus is your actual task and accuracy as opposed to what the lady crossing the road looks like.

Audio is a something I would like to have a little word about. Game music is there but it’s nothing out of the ordinary for a sim game, some nice relaxing tracks and it’s all fitting within the game. We have quite a bit white noise from the mowers themselves, each has some slight different tones, and obviously with them having a few different motions (mower up, close to the grass, etc) these will soothe those who love a nice bit of lawn mower ASMR.

I definitely found myself lost in a ..mow, for a good few hours. I felt comfortable playing it, once you get to grips with how your mower works players will happily sink a few hours into this. I didn’t fully finish the story mode however, it’s something that if I ever feel the need to totally take myself out of a stress, I will keep plucking away at it’s lengthy campaign.



Sim fans might need something more substantial but a nice gateway into something quite relaxing

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