Golden Force and Okinawa Rush 2021 Release.

Pixel Heart have recently announced some details on their upcoming titles, Golden Force and Okinawa Rush. With a brilliant track record for fantastic arcade titles we are very excited to see how these titles are when they release.


It’s an explosive action/adventure platformer in which you can embody mercenaries fighting to eradicate the forces of evil for money.
With the help of the 4 available anti-heroes, you will have to travel through all the worlds of the game to defeat the King of Demons.

You will face all kinds of evil monsters and traps but you can also equip yourself with items that will make your task a little easier, it’s still the King of Demons.
And if you really can’t do it on your own, you can always ask a buddy to help you since the game has a 2-player cooperation mode.

Okinawa Rush

Choose to embody one of the martial arts masters to face and destroy the Black Mantis clan.
Alone or with a friend, you will have to eliminate all the hordes of ninjas, warriors, or demons preventing you from reaching the final confrontation.

This exciting quest with multiple possibilities (several endings per avatar) offers dynamic gameplay with fluid and fast fights. Add to this scrolls of combos and an intuitive parry system!
You’ll also find RPG attributes with a leveling principle on the characteristics of your characters and objects that also allow you to improve them.

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