Tropico 6 (Switch)

Club Tropicana drinks may be free but El Presidente needs to eat!. Kalypso have brought the long running Tropico series to Nintendo Switch and we are going to see if it’s worth the boat ride and citizenship fees!.

So if you have never played a Tropico title before, basically you are El Presidente, ruler of Tropico and it’s up to you to lead it into a glorious future while fattening your swiss bank account. 

It’s a city builder simulation with a hint of rebellion, piracy and corrupt politics and the series just gets more and more fun with each title, Tropico 6 is no exception. 

There is a plethora of missions to work through which have a natural way of teaching you every aspect of the game. While there is a tutorial the game is fairly intuitive with the controls and shouldn’t cause any issue. The game missions are the best way of seeing everything on offer with the series.

The voice overs are just as funny and exaggerated as the art style implies and it just adds a layer of charm that alot of sim games don’t have anymore, it harkens back to Theme Park and Sim City SNES days in my opinion. The music is toe tapping Spanish island infused, not my usual cup of tea but it has me nodding along and never grated on me.

The graphics in this title are especially rough in this release. Lacking alot of detail and jaggy as all hell, it does make it a little difficult when trying to select a particular citizen but for the most part is negated by the fact you’ll be zoomed out alot anyway. 

There are times when the game will oddly stutter and when you fast forward the game the frame rate tanks turning the game into a slideshow. It never really bothered me as I’m used to playing the 360 versions which had similar performance issues so it never effected the enjoyment of having Tropico in my hand.

One aspect I really need to point is the text size in handheld which I am over the moon to say is the perfect size and doesn’t require a magnifying glass to read!. It makes portable Tropico 6 a total joy!.

This is the base version of Tropico 6 but retails at full price at around ¬£45 this is an issue when its launching with several dlc packs already on the eshop and you can get the game with all the DLC on other formats for the same price as just the stand alone on Switch. 

Tropico 6 is in my humble opinion the best Sim game available on the Nintendo Switch. It may be rough in places and certainly isn’t the most consumer friendly but it’s tropical islands full of fun, strategy and corruption will no doubt soothe the graphic and wallet sting.



Rough round the edges and suffers Switch tax but ideal for on the go island management 

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