Fight Crab (Switch)

Fight Crab, it’s like Fight Club but with a little bit of a crustacean flavor, giant crustaceans, and less Brad Pitt. Will this be the next EVO main stage title? Maybe not but let’s talk about why that shouldn’t put you off.

Fight Crab by Mastiff games decides to provide players with a Kaiju Level fighting game featuring many variations of Crabs. This alone should tell you if that is enough to warrant the purchase, it’s such an outlandish idea that it’s actually quite endearing and for fans of the Kaiju genre this may pique that curiosity. 

Fight Crab is a physics focused combat game, remember the Car Combat craze of the Ps1 era, think that but this time with Crabs. The controls can be a little cumbersome at first, playing the game docked allows a little freedom in terms of motion controls. Essentially you press a direction and your crab will walk that way automatically, this frees you up to control your pinchers which are your key damage dealers. 

Using your pinchers you can also grab an assortment of melee weapons, swords, guns, lightsabers, traffic lights, all manner of nonsense, it’s brilliant!. The aim of the bout is to do enough damage to flip your opponent on its back long enough for a 3 count. Should it happen to you, swift use of your arms to propel yourself into the air and onto your feet may just save the day. 

Fight Crab nails that B-Movie vibe, visually it isn’t exactly hideous but it won’t be winning any awards. The stages range from under the sea, to cities and even a buffet table, plenty of places for you to be waging Crab war on all your foes. 

Talking of Crabs there are way over 20 of the snappy little buggers to take the reins of and slap up your foes, ranging from the standard crab to my households favourite the Japanese Spider Crab. You don’t have to be a crustacean enthusiast to get a kick out of this as all the crabs have different attributes and handle quite differently.

In terms of game modes, you have a fairly robust and amusing campaign mode, here you can build your crabs up after battles, there isn’t a story connecting the fights outside of a little bit of text here and there but you’ll be put in various scenarios such as team fights and multiple crabs against one. It’s quite a lengthy campaign and is great for teaching you the ins and outs of the game and giving you ample chance to hit crabs with rockets!. 

There are also online battles, you can train and edit your crabs while matchmaking, and of course the insanity multiplies by the number of human players you come across, this also has local multiplayer, worth putting on after a few beers just make sure you have that wrist strap on!. 

Fight Crab is the PS2 era budget fighting game you didn’t know you needed, it has a funky control system that takes a while to get used to but when you do you’ll nail it!. The premise all over is just crazy and the weapons will no doubt raise a few laughs out of you before you continue your Crab slaughter. If you can’t get behind the outlandish idea of the game there won’t be too much here for you, if on the other hand, you love a good quirky fighter with heart and crabs, you can’t go wrong with Fight Crab



A fun little time, controls, and premise may be off putting for some but you can have quite a good time with this one if you let it.

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