The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters (Xbox One)

The Coma 2 is the follow up to the cult horror title The Coma which released a few years back. We liked the idea but not so much the execution, can the sequel improve on this or is the series dead in the water?.

Sehwa High School was the setting of the original title and yes, you’re back here as another unlucky student ready to tackle the Coma world. Mina Park is a friend of Youngho from the first title but the original isn’t essential to play to understand this title. 

Mina has the unfortunate experience of bumping into a teacher called Ms Park, The Coma naturally does what it does best and has Ms Park, demonized and ready to ruin your day!. The Coma 2 much like its prequel is based on Manhwa which is essentially Korean Manga, there are quite a few differences in story tropes and the like due to cultural differences.

The Coma 2: Viscious Sisters is a brilliantly written horror title, the wonderfully drawn art ranges from beautiful to disturbing in equal doses. The writing is the strongest part of the title, it presents an intriguing world and mystery that you just can’t help but want to know more, even if it is from the safety of behind the couch. 

The gameplay in Coma 2: VicioUs Sisters sees you exploring the High School in a 2D side on perspective, solving puzzles, collecting items and dodging danger. Being you’re a normal school girl you don’t quite have the combat repertoire of someone from S.T.A.R.S or similar combat outfits, instead you have a few items to help you in a pinch and the experience of Hide and Seek!.

Naturally you have a limited inventory space which means you’ll be backtracking a fair bit and often ill prepared for what’s to come. You have healing items, key items and the odd self defence item which allows you a small reprieve from the horrors of the game.

In order to tackle the mysterious being known as the Vicious Sister you’ll come up against several monsters throughout the game, the one most frequent is Ms Park, she acts as the games Mr X for those familiar with Resident evil 2. She can appear anywhere and at any time, this means that not only is this a high tension title but save frequently as she has the uncanny ability to ruin your progress and send you straight back to your save if you don’t the the health, stamina or hiding place on hand. 

There are ghosts on hand throughout the game who offer a plethora of side quests, these usually result in a bit of lore and items as an insentive to pick up thier requests. Unusual but welcome for a horror game and really push you to explore.

The Coma 2 runs around the 8 hour mark and for the most part keeps it consistent in quality, there are a few drawn out sections and Ms Park can become quite the annoyance quite quickly. 

Overall I enjoyed the title despite having no dealings with the original which was a pleasant surprise. 



Korean horror at its finest, few annoyances aside this is to die for

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