Super Trench Attack (Switch)

Super Trench Attack aims to fill that retro hole left in your heart from a little known title called Cannon Fodder. Is the game as super as it claims or is this a cold war?.

Super Trench Attack takes war as a concept and gives it the old “Dad’s Army” style comedy licking. You join the Green Army who gets wiped out in a rather unsporting sneaking attack by the Black Army. After finding your way around Boot Camp and earning your boots you’ll be off on missions to help win the war and be a big hero!. 

While there isn’t a whole lot of story here and none of it remotely serious, the game has a charming “British comedy” style of storytelling telling through its cutscenes, we are talking Blackadder/Carry On style comedy.

Super Trench Attack has a great visual style, reminiscent of 90s animated PC/Amiga games with just a smattering more detail. The scenery isn’t too much to write home about but there is only so much you can do with a cartoon version World War setting. A lot of the visual charm comes from the character animations which are absolutely superb. 

The game itself plays in one of two styles, your main style being an isometric twin-stick shooter and the other being a rail shooter.

The bulk of the gameplay will see you navigating 1 of 4 maps to complete objectives that usually involve you blowing something up. You defend yourself with weapons either supplied or bought from the shop back at base. You are given a targeting reticle and rather than it just firing shots in a direction, can actually determine where a bullet will hit a foe, headshots being naturally the most effective.

The rail shooter sections aren’t special but have no need to be, you have a cursor and you shoot stuff till you win, simple, retro, and effective. These stages do a great job in breaking up the campaign which is roughly around 16 missions, even then the game is particularly lengthy clocking in at around 3 hours. 

While the length may seem off-putting, the game is great retro fun and one you will more than likely return to time and time again. It’s pick up and play at its finest and is always worth a little chuckle or two!. 

Super Trench Attack is a fun reminder of War games before they became the FPS staple they are now. While it doesn’t change the gaming landscape it does exactly what games are designed to do and provides you with enjoyment and entertainment for a few hours. It won’t leave you awake at night while you contemplate war but it will take a few hours of your time and provide you a good time with them.



A fun ol’ wartime classic, doesn’t outstay its welcome and won’t fail to make you crack a smile or two

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