Hakoniwa Explorer Plus (Nintendo Switch)

Hakoniwa Explorers Plus is hoping to fuse the wonderful world of throwback voxel visuals with the pervy world of fanservice. It’s 16-butts!. Worth a look? Read on to find out. 

So what exactly is this game? It’s an isometric action RPG with a focus on a little bit of the naughty. This is evident from the first NPC you meet who will tell you that you touched her butt when you tried to talk to her, this is a common theme for the game. 

The main narrative isn’t the strongest it’s more the character interactions that push this along, the main story is genuinely you’re a monster hunter and you got monsters to hunt, and butts to touch, or not, up to you!. 

The enemy design is very much as you would expect from a title that has fanservice in, it’s crazy cast are usually butt, thigh or breast focused, especially the giant bosses who have the proportions to match!. 

The game plays really well in terms of controls, it’s very responsive and there isn’t too much going on to confuse you. The area maps are a reasonable size and there are plenty of areas to explore, also being it’s of RPG lineage there are a tasty amount of variation in area themes. 

Your weapons and armour have durability so you’ll spend a lot of time navigating your inventory and swapping weapons, they range from the usual swords and clubs, you’ll also come across a rather interesting potion which has the ability to dissolve clothing, often to interesting results. 

While Hakoniwa Explorers Plus is actually quite a joy to play, the focus on Fan Service is off putting for people who don’t enjoy and it’s a shame because there is a quirky bite sized adventure here. The bosses are fun to fight and the controls while rather loose, work and the combat is serviceable.

Sadly I don’t have much more to say about the title, while I enjoyed it, I do think it relied a little too much on Fan Service which isn’t really my thing, the gameplay was fun but nothing that really gripped me. There is an interesting idea here and a fun little game, just covered in a wrapping I personally wasn’t for, the comedy started to fall flat with me very quickly. 



An average RPG adventure, draped in Fanservice. 

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