Granblue Fantasy Versus DLC character Zooey Trailer Released

Arc Systsem Works has released a new trailer for Granblue Fantasy Versus.

The latest trailer introduces a new upcoming addition to the roster in Zooey, who is set to be available for the Playstation 4 & PC on April 28th.

You can view the trailer & character overview below:

A girl with a transcendental atmosphere, and the manifestation of the Primal Beast known as Grand Order. She dislikes disorder and throws herself into her own battle to maintain balance in the world after sensing the disturbance in space and time caused by the three “Singularities” that are Gran, Beelzebub, and Djeeta.

With her dragons Dyrn and Lyrn by her side, she fights in full force while commanding otherworldy sword skills and lightning magic.

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