Dead or Alive 6 New Character Nico Announced

Koei Tecmo has announced a new fighter to be added to the Dead or Alive 6 roster.

Showcased in Tokyo during the DEAD OR ALIVE Festival, alongside news of Kokoro and La Mariposa returning to the series, the latest new fighter to be showcased is Nico AKA The Lightning Technomancer. Dead or Alive 6 is  set to launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 15th.

You can read an overview for Nico below & view the introduction trailer:

NiCO, known as “The Lightning Technomancer” is a practitioner of Pencak Silat, a historic martial art of Southeast Asia. The frenetic fighter employs powerful plasma discharges in her attacks, boosting her Pencak Silat strikes to another level, while at the same time using her EMF Rings to move at ultrahigh rates of speed. But that’s not all; as NiCO is also a genius scientist entrusted with Donovan’s secret M.I.S.T. development project. Despite her youthful appearance, she provides a genuine threat to the ninjas with her sharp, analytical mind and her natural sense for martial arts.

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