Black Clover Quartet Knights DLC Character Charlotte now Available

Bandai Namco has released new downloadable content for Black Clover Quartet Knights.

The Royal Magic Knight Set – Blue is a free update now available that adds playable character Charlotte and her special challenge scenario.

You can read an overview of new additions in the update below:

Alliance Battle

A brand-new online mode. Alliance Battle uses players online ranking to match them against similar level opponents—but with teams decided via the result of a pre-match question. The two teams will compete against each other across multiple battles (Zone Control, Treasure Hunt, and Crystal Carry) to decide the winner. The winning team will receive a unique in-game reward, while the losing team will also receive a small consolation prize.

Gallery Mode

In this mode, players can freely remake their favorite scenes or create original ones by using different characters, poses, effects and backgrounds. Players will also be able to view other players’ creations and compare masterpieces!

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