PC Gamer Interviews Final Fantasy XV Developers

PC Gamer put up a video interview which features two of the Final Fantasy XV PC developers (Takeshi Aramaki and Kenichi Shida) answering various questions to do with the up-coming PC release. They explain that this is not just a port, it’s more like a remaster of the game built from the ground up for PC, which may help to explain the massive size of the game (100GB minimum!).

This PC version of Final Fantasy XV is quite demanding in terms of the specs you’ll need, at least for standard quality settings or higher, but Square has created a benchmark tool application that you can already download. After going through a few minutes of sequences using the tool, you’ll be given a score to help you understand how well your computer will run the game. You can have the benchmark tool run tests for several different quality levels such a ‘lite’ and ‘standard’ modes.

The developers assure us that Final Fantasy XV will continue to be supported after release, there will be a large upgrade to the online comrade feature of the game. More upgrades from the console version will follow, as Square Enix intend to make Final Fantasy XV a more free open-world experience.
Official mods will be available to help meet the goal of a more free-feeling adventure, from day one you will be able to re-skin all of the npc’s to look like Cactuar.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is launching on the March 6th and will include all DLC that was previously released on the console version of the game. How are you feeling about the PC release? Did the interview make you more or less interested in the updated game?

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Rosalyn Byrne