Slayaway Camp Butcher’s Cut (PS4)

I would have never thought I wanted a horror sliding block puzzle game but Slayaway Camp peaked my interest with its basic premise and charming world design. And I will say that I am glad I took the dive with this one.   Set in the titles campground, you control a psycho slasher going under the name of Skullface as you go around killing any camper that dares get on your way.

The objective of each level is as simple as kill everyone, don’t get caught and escape. The only thing that hinders you are the obstacles in your way. Early levels are as simple as this but as you progress you will encounter move limits, victims who can stop you and even campers who wish to escape! How dare they?!

This inclusion of obstacles does not happen gradually either, as they are introduced as “new gameplay elements” as you progress through the levels and this keeps timings fresh. Slayaway Camp does assist you on your rampage of carnage with a hint system, the ability to skip levels and rewind moves. The later is great for if you find yourself stuck in a contestant loop of mistakes that has caused you to block yourself from success.

With over 200 levels on offer, these assists and gameplay elements will keep you going.  And if that is not enough to keep your interest, you earn coins from each levels. These coins can then be exchanged for goodies which unlock outfits and new methods of killing. Soon you will be replaying you favourite horror flicks from yesteryear.

The design of Slayaway Camp is one of its major strength that adds more to the game. Set up in an isometric map are stunning scenes created using voxel art. Character models are fantastic and the killing animations are just top notch. This art direct makes it feel like the scenes have been ripped from an 80s movie. It is something I did not tire of during my playthrough.

For a game that started its life on mobile, Slayaway Camp has translated over to console perfectly. It does feel like it would be perfect mobile as it had so much pick up and play appeal but it feels right at home on my PS4. It’s a game you can really sink your teeth into and one that will keep your puzzle addiction levels steady.

We are all use to playing as a hero and saving the day but what Slayaway Camp does perfectly is give you a great sense of accomplishment of completing puzzles by spilling the blood of any camper that crosses your path!

  • 8/10
    Slayaway Camp Butcher's Cut (PS4) - 8/10



  • Good puzzle design
  • Great design/animations
  • A lot of content


  • Steep learning curve
  • Quite a price hike from mobile
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