New Footage of Monster Hunter: World’s Rotten Vale Area

The official Monster Hunter youtube channel has just dropped 8 minutes of new gameplay footage dedicated to Monster Hunter: World’s new Rotten Vale area.

The Rotten Vale is home to all manner of putrid and grotesque things, filled to the brim with the skeletons of long dead monsters and teeming with poisonous gas, your hunter will have to be on their guard while navigating this particularly dangerous area.

Shortly after dropping into the area, the hunter in the footage is greeted by one of Worlds new monster offerings; the mighty Radoban, who defends itself by covering its body in the bones of fallen monsters. Later on, we’re also shown another new monster; the skinless, dog-like Odogaron and we’re treated to a demonstration of one of World’s much hyped new features; the monster interaction system and we watch as Odogaron and Radoban battle each other for supremacy over the Rotten Vale.

Monster Hunter: World released on the 26th of January for PS4 and XBox One. A PC release will follow in Autumn.

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