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Puzzle games have been around since the beginning of time and let’s be honest; we have played every type available. They are comfort games that we play to wind down and we all have favourite.  Some games will gather puzzles together, such as the Professor Layton, into a neat package whereas some will focus on one type and attempt to re-invent the wheel.

Expand is the latter in this case and from the very start, it does a fantastic job at re imagining the maze puzzle.

Follow The Flow

The concept of Expand is very simple.  You are a small square working your way through a maze filled with obstacles.  What makes it unique is that as the maze constantly rotates it unfolds the next set of challenges to overcome. You can try to predict what the next phase will bring you but it feels like the maze knows what you are going to do next.  The maze can drop you in an area where you need to act quick to progress because you have been caught off guard.  You will encounter moving platforms that will attempt to block you direct bath but with a little patience, they are simply overcome.  Black blocks will try to squash you and even touching a red surface will “kill” you.  A little feature I found fun was that when you die, the maze will rotate giving you another view of the challenges that lay ahead.  Expand immerses you into a simplistic world that aims to test your skill when under the pressure of an ever changing maze.  

Aside from the addictive gameplay, Expand boasts an utterly brilliant soundtrack.  As you wind your way through the ever expanding mazes you are treated some beautiful music.  Mellow tones from the piano accompany you on your journey adding a mystical feel to such a simple concept of a game that will draw you in.  I would highly recommend picking up the soundtrack edition of Expand.  You will not be disappointed.

As far as puzzle games go, Expand is your basic escape the maze affair but the ever moving and growing maze transforms it into an experience like no other.  If you have a few spare hours and enjoy getting lost whilst listen to some amazing sounds, Expand is perfect for you.

  • 8/10
    Expand (PS4) - 8/10



  • Creative Gameplay
  • Simple Colour Scheme
  • Fluid Controls


  • Can be unforgiving
  • Just a basic maze under the charm
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