Serial Cleaner

Serial Cleaner Release Date Announced

Get ready to dispose of incriminating evidence and avoid police detection this summer in the fast-paced stealth action game, Serial Cleaner.  Set in the 1970s, Serial Cleaner has you sneaking around bloody crime scenes to clean up incriminating evidence by disposing of bodies, covering up bloodstains and hiding murder weapons all while avoiding the police. To succeed you must explore, experiment and make swift decisions in order to avoid police detection. Get caught and players earn a black mark on their protagonist’s career.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”Krzysztof Zięba (iFun4all)” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Serial Cleaner is the perfect game for anyone wanting to challenge themselves and their stealth skills” [/perfectpullquote]

In Story Mode you will get to play a 20-level campaign to discover the Cleaner’s backstory and discover a crazy cast of characters, including his mother. If the campaign is not enough for for you can test your skills in Challenge Mode, which will have you compete in a bevy of nail-bitingly hard modes such as Drunk Mode and a mode where they won’t be able to see an enemy’s vision cones.

You must also be wary of their environment as the game uses real-world data to modify levels accordingly with the current time of day in a player’s whereabouts. Noise detection and “sneakability” will vary between night and day, and mean the difference between freedom and jail.

Serial Cleaner is heading PlayStation 4 on July 11, as well as Xbox One and Steam (PC, Mac and Linux) on July 14 but if you cannot wait until then, a prototype is available in Steam Early Access.

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