Gaming goes by pretty fast, if you don’t stop and take a moment it can pass you by, don’t worry though, here is our reviews from the past month!.

Guilty Gear Xrd – Rev 2-

“If you have a love of fighting games or even just slightly interested by the genre Guilty Gear Xrd -Rev 2- easily stands alongside it’s peers such as Street Fighter V and the recently released Injustice 2” Is what our resident Street Fighter had to say about this title.

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Akiba’s Trip – Playstation 4

Breaking the fights up Andi took to the streets of Akiba with this title, “The writing and visuals are all over the place and as a console JRPG there are considerably stronger titles worthy of a purchase.”

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Birthdays the Beginning – Playstation 4

Geoff playing to his skills and dominating over lands in Birthdays the Beginning, “It manages to do what it sets out to well and will interest those with a penchant for Sandbox games”. The guy commands, he knows his stuff!.

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Zheros + Forgotten Land DLC – X Box One

Our resident Indie Revolutionist Des covered Zheroes and it’s DLC, he had this to say “There are plenty of great examples of beat em games even from 20 years ago but Zheros is not one of them”.

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The Silver Case – Playstation 4

Geoff taking time from running his dominions to work Suda 51’s Silver Case, “Yes, the game can feel a little too dated at times – even with the remastering work. There’s still a really good story to sample here” said our resident Overlord & Part time gumshoe!.

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Super Rude Bear Resurrection – Playstation 4

The Indie Revolutionist put the breaks on his campaign to spend time with Super Rude Bear, “Maybe this is the beginning of a new love for this genre and who knows, I may even finish a Souls game before this generation is up”, sounds like Des enjoyed this one! good luck with Souls!.

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Well that is our roundup for May, quite the mix of titles we had sent in to cover!. If there is a title you would like us to cover & take advantage of this dedicated and honest team of reviews keeping it D.I.Y from day 1 don’t hesitate to E-Mail us or Tweet us @otakugamersuk & as always we would love to hear feedback from you, the readers!.


Till next time! Goodbye & Goodnight!.

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