Shinobi Refle Senran Kagura Switch Features Detailed

The latest issue of Famitsu has extra information for the upcoming Shinobi Refle Senran Kagura.

The issue features an interview with Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki regarding the latest game, which features only Asuka in a self contained storyline. Shinobi Refle Senran Kagura is due to launch for the Nintendo Switch as a digital download later this year in Japan.

You can read translated excerpts from the interview below via Gematsu:

  • HD rumble is a particularly fascinating feature of Nintendo Switch. I expect that we’ll be able to do various things that we couldn’t do with the rumble function before.
  • As for what kind of things we’ll be able to do in Shinobi Refle using HD rumble, right now I’ll leave that to your imagination.
  • We’re basically aiming for a pure and wholesome Senran Kagura, and our main objective is to convey the feelings of the characters through HD rumble.
  • The story will be charmingly stupid. You’ll be able to enjoy a different story than before.
  • As an affordably priced, download-only game, this is a concept title based on HD rumble.
  • Asuka will be the only character to appear.
  • Asuka’s graphics are being rebuilt from the ground up. I want to beautifully express the portrayal of light despite its anime style.
  • We’re considering making use of Switch features other than HD rumble.
  • Switch is considerably easy to develop for. Other than Shinobi Refle Senran Kagura, I’m also considering other titles that make use of Switch’s features.
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