Fight as a Team in Full Metal Furies

From the minds that brought us Rouge Legacy comes Full Metal Furies, a brawler RPG that will offer a challenge to you and up to three friends.

In Full Metal Furies, each of the four character are unique – Fighter’s specialize in AoE Melee combat, with counters to protect you from enemy attacks whereas Snipers fight from far range, dealing high damage to distant targets.  The other two are yet to be announced.

Team up with 1-4 players locally or online to take down the Titans, and stop the war before it starts.  In single player, utilize the ‘quick-swap’ mechanic and pick 2 characters to build a party that shores up weaknesses, or double-down on your strengths.  Swapping is instant, so you can combine both party member’s move sets to link together combos for massive damage.

Designed completely around cooperation, in FMF everyone is important. Special enemies will enter the battlefield prepped with coloured barriers that must be shattered by players of matching colours.  If that teammate falls, you better be ready to revive them, because these shields won’t come off any other way.  To ensure that teamwork is the centre of this game, CellarDoorGames have made Full Metal Furies hard, forcing you to cooperate with your fellow team members.

Full Metal Furies will be showcased at Microsoft’s GDC Loft Event on February 28th.


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Des Mayer

Mad Scientist with a passion for gaming!