Meri Kurisumasu! from our Staff

It’s Christmas again, so time for my obligatory post for our readers. Hopefully your all taking a break from the daily grind of life for a little time before the new year hits us and groundhog day begins anew. As is usually the case for us we close up for a week, even our master sushi chef in our 5* staff canteen gets a break, as the PR departments at publishers seem to close till the New Year.

The new year always brings new ideas for content regarding the site, and there’s one launching in the first couple of weeks. I’ll be bringing some video reviews to the site, only Otaku Reviews though, as work has me in front of a PC enough to spend time on give those a go. The plus side of it also is that there should be more regular reviews, and the latest Crimson ReLive drivers makes it all easier as I can pop a Ps2 disc into my PC and emulate to record footage. Podcasting is another on the cards, but I’m still gauging who from our staff is interested or has the time to do it regularly. There’s still Andi’s fighting game focused Powah Dunk project if your enticed by OG podcasts till we have our own.

Katyusha recently visited the office to give us pointers on a Pravda style purge to shake up our staff roster, so as always – get in touch if you want to give reviewing games a go and we’ll see how it goes now Katyusha has gone and the purge is over! We’re always looking for new additions

We hope the holidays are going well for you and we’ll see you back here in the new year! Till then enjoy some Vocaloid to keep your Christmas party going…

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