Kokurase Heading to Steam

Degica has announced that the Nico Nico Indie Game Fest winner, Kokurase is heading to Steam with Episode One now available.

Kokurase is a story packed visual novel built with RPGmaker, chronicling the legendary Kokurase gang as they use their wits and skill to bring together a popular junior who can’t keep the ladies off his back, and a shy freshman that can’t bring herself to talk to him.

Each episode will follow the Kokurase crew as they ply the tumultuous currents of high school, bringing together star-crossed lovers and only getting into a little trouble doing it.

Kokurase is an award winning game that’s packed full of features:

  • A Visual Novel in RPGmaker

  • Beautiful art by an illustrator Doromizu

  • Full of humor

  • Cast of quirky protagonists

  • Take control of multiple characters to advance the plot

  • Use Key Phrases to progress conversations

  • Explore a High School campus

  • Speech Puzzles

  • Teenage, Highschooler angst

Kokurase Episode One is now available for free on Steam with future episodes being released as DLC

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