Nintendo Switch Reveal

So the day has finally come for Nintendo to show of the Nintendo NX.  In fact, it got a new name – the Switch.  The reveal trailer sits just at over 3 minutes but it gave us a glimpse into the future of home and portable gaming.

The Switch is a hybrid console that allows you to take home console gaming on the go.  It will break the barrier between home and portable gaming.  No longer will you have to make the tough decision between finishing a level and needing to go to the shop or pick up your children from school.

If you do need to move away from the big screen (for whatever reason that may be), you simply slide apart the Joy-Con controller and attach them to the side of the console itself.  You then remove the console from the “dock” revealing a smaller screen for gaming on the go.  It basically looks like a mobile phone with controllers on the side.

At present we do not have any confirmed release date, specifications or price but what we do have is some footage of upcoming, unannounced games.  This includes a new Mario Kart, a new Splatoon title and of course, a new Mario title.  More importantly is that the list of 3rd parties who are supporting the Switch is far much larger than that of the WiiU.  This is great news for Nintendo, the 3rd parties and more importantly the gamers.

nintendo switch

Local multiplayer is back and it can be achieved even on the go by using the two sections of the Joy-Con for player one and two.  The controllers in this form look tiny and could cause issues for gamers with larger hands.  This can be overcome though as a new Pro Controller is being released alongside the Switch.

Check out the reveal trailer below.

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