Mantis Burning Racing

Mantis Burn Racing Releasing with 4K Support

VooFoo Studios have announce that with the assistance of the PS4 Pro, Mantis Burn Racing will be releasing with full native 4K support.

Experience the fast passed racing action in full 60fps with extra details to the vehicles and environments.  Like high detailed multiplayer too?  Mantis Burn Racing will give 1080p resolution to each of the players during a 4 player split screen race.

“With Mantis Burn Racing we’re delivering full native 4K whilst maintaining 60FPS without using checkerboard techniques or having to reduce any of our effects.” said Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios.

Gamers wishing to get hands on with Mantis Burn Racing don’t have long to wait – the game will be showcased in the Rezzed Zone at this year’s EGX at the NEC in Birmingham, UK from 22nd-25th September.

Mantis Burning Racing

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