galactic junk league

Galactic Junk League Starts Open Beta

Pixel Federation has opened it’s doors for their sandbox multiplayer, Galactic Junk League in the latest Open Beta.

Galactic Junk League enters its second run and brings tons of new content, new maps, adjusted game balance, progression model and significantly overhauled visuals. Pirate themed block sets introduce a brand new way to stylise your creations and offer you a chance to toss away any remains of seriousness you ever had when building your ultimate ship. New arenas, on the other hand, represent a new way to experience the true Galactic Junk battle that wasn’t previously possible. Prepare your ships, adjust your strategies and enter the brand new Galactic Junk League. Whether you are a master builder or a pro pilot, your battle starts now!

Interested? Head over to the official website to sign up to the Beta.


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