Severed Coming to WiiU this September

Drinkbox Studios is pleased to announce that their new game, Severed, will be available on September 22 in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo’s Wii U system (with a release on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems soon to follow). To coincide with the launch of Severed, Nintendo is featuring the game in its #Nindies Summer Jam event, a special Nintendo eShop promotion that will showcase games that inspired Severed, along with a special one-week only 10% off introductory price of $13.49 for the Wii U version of Severed.

Severed puts players in the role of Sasha, a one-armed warrior, who has embarked on a danger-ridden quest to find her family. Players will hack, slash, and swipe their way through both nightmarish monsters and uniquely challenging puzzles.

In Severed, players use swipe-based touch controls to solve puzzles, find secrets and battle with a host of disturbing monsters, including giant floating skull wizards and beasts made of crows. During the journey, players unlock new abilities, ascend an RPG-style upgrade tree, and uncover the mysteries of the dark fantasy universe Sasha finds herself in.

Still unsure if Severed is for you?  Check out the trailer below and give the Vita review a read whilst you wait.

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