layers of fear inheritance

Layers of Fear: Inheritance

Relive the tragic events from layers of fear through the eyes of the painter’s daughter in Inheritance.  Building on the psychedelic and symbolic atmosphere from Layers of Fear, in Inheritance you return to your childhood home to face your past, reliving it through dark memories hoping to find out that insanity does not run through your family.

Inheritance is an expansion to the Base game so expect a lot of walking around a house and opening a lot of doors & draws. It is all about building the story yourself. Basic themes are hinted throughout the hour it takes to complete but to get a true feel for the game you will need to fill in the blanks yourself. Do not worry as there are a lot of documents scattered around to assist you in you thoughts.

layers of fear inheritance

You start and dining the game as the current day daughter but you explore your memories as a younger you. This creates a strange overstretched world as everything is a lot higher due to you only being about 4 foot tall.  It also is a world where a child’s imagination has run wild so everything is slightly exaggerated. The world through a child’s eye is a strange one indeed.

It is not a scary game but does manage to create a very tense atmosphere through well timed events and an eerie soundtrack. I will admit that some of the jump scares got me but that was because I was just absorbed by the game.

layers of fear inheritance

If you enjoyed the base game and the feelings it created then this is a must own. It is being sold at a fair price but if did not find the original enjoyable or just do not like walking simulators (with jump scares) then you are not missing much.


  • 7/10
    Layers of Fear Inheritance - 7/10
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