nocturnal hunt

Nocturnal Hunt Starts It’s Greenlight Campaign

Become the wolf of the night in the dark first person action-stealth game, Nocturnal Hunt.  Taking this role is not a simple task though – you must try and find your missing cub whilst trying to avoid hunters.

Nocturnal Hunt started off as a simple idea of a wolf mother trying to finds her cub.  From there the team, studying at the Games Academy in Berlin, jammed for a week to create 10 “proof-of fun” prototypes using the Unreal engine.  As a good team does, they evaluated each one and ended up creating Nocturnal Hunt.

Since launching on Steam Greenlight this weekend, Nocturnal Hunt has been received very positively with it currently sitting in the top 100 and holding ~80% yes ratio.

Nocturnal Hunt is aiming to release Q4 2016 and it is looking like it is making great progress.

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