Party Hard Next Week!

TinyBuild have announced that party murdering simulator, Party Hard is heading to the PS4 and Xbox One on the 26th April (that is next week folks!).  TinyBuild have been very busy lately with a lot of console releases of popular PC games and Party Hard is just the latest title being added to their portfolio;

“Admit it, you had a neighbor like this. One that doesn’t turn off the music until 3am. We all know what you wanted to do with that next door party.

Fortunately you can fulfill your fantasies about stopping next door parties in Party Hard, the stealth strategy game about… stopping parties. By Any Means.

The console versions of Party Hard is part of our world domination plan. Our internal studio at tinyBuild has been scaling into helping 3rd party developers bring their games to consoles. Expect more games coming to PS4 and Xbox One alongside PC launches.”

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Des Mayer

Mad Scientist with a passion for gaming!