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As Valentine’s Day is upon us, here at Otakugamers UK we thought it would be nice to present a guide to what you should and should not be playing with your partner this year.  There are some games out there that will bring you together (I know of a few friends who bonded over games) but there are some games that can easily break any relationship up.

We do not take any responsibility if you do decided to play any of the games that are marked as “Should Not” and end up destroying a relationship.

if you have any plans for this Valentine’s Day or some good gaming memories please share them in the comments below.


Des @desmondmayer

My best advice for gaming with your partner is to choose something that you can both enjoy.  There is no point in playing a game that only one of you enjoy – this will lead to arguments and even a cold lonely night on the couch.
Another key factor is choosing something that is very easy learn and a laugh to play.  With this in mind I think about a few years back when me & my wife use to meet up with my friend & his girlfriend (at the time) each week to play some great couch co-op games.  The one that sticks in mind was Bomberman on the Wii Virtual Console.  We use to play it for hours, drink a few drinks and just have a great time.  Now this is everything you need when playing games with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

My one single tip for a game NOT to play with your partner this Valentines Day is any Mario Kart game.  That game is evil & can break any good relationship up!



Andi @namelessandi

Everyone knows the key to anyone’s heart is one of two things, Anime & Street Fighter!. So naturally with the freshly released Naruto and the upcoming Street Fighter V you can beat the living daylights out of each other till the break of dawn!. Alternatively you could always crack on a decent horror game and get some backseat gaming going on from behind a pillow! I suggest Outlast, Alien Isolation or even Resident Evil 0 for this route but trust me Anime wins everytime, 60% of the time!




For many of you out there, you may have formed long lasting friendships through the medium of video games. You might have even been one of the lucky few who’s love of video games is also shared by your significant other. Whether or not you celebrate this apparent “Day of Romance” you can always look back and see what your relationships have become through your common ground.

However what many people seem to forget when their nostalgia goggles are switched on is how many friendships and relationships have been destroyed by gaming. Looking back on the late 90’s I can remember falling out with a friend and almost ending up in a fight over Goldeneye on the N64 as he would never stop using Oddjob. Everybody knows not using Oddjob is the unwritten rule of Multiplayer Goldeneye!!

Relationships though are often a little tougher, more willing to push through the annoyances in the name of love, and it takes a really special game to show the cracks in these relationships. Enter, Super Smash Bro’s. A game series that since the Nintendo 64 and all the way through to the Wii U and 3DS has been riding rough shod over any relationship it can sink its claws into. No game has the capacity to force such a wide rift between friends and lovers like SSB, where every battle starts happily enough and fun is to be had but after one too many cheap shots or a fight for the Smash Ball you sit in a rage zone mere moments from punching that person sat next to you square in the face.

So remember, for the sake of your love. Play anything else and never challenge your lover to a first to 5 on SSB where you know she is going to pick Kirby!




It’s coming close to that time of year again, and we’re here to talk about games to play together.

If you bonded with your partner over a game, or even you both share a favourite game, try to crack it out and just reminisce about some memories you both have, something you can both laugh at or that you hold dear. If you’re hoping to confess your love to somebody, try find out what their favourite game is, then play that with them, hopefully it’ll relax the mood and everything will go well for you. Finally, if you feel like there’s nobody, there’s always friends in the same boat as you, so use the day to spend some time with them, just relax and enjoy the day.

Saying all this, it reminds me of a video I found a few years back that everyone has probably already seen by now, but there was a guy who wanted to propose, both him and his girlfriend LOVED Chrono Trigger, so he hacked the ROM and actually used the game to propose to her. So if you’re hoping to pop the big one, there’s a little idea for you.




Happy day of love all!  You darling little couples will no doubt be sharing with each other over a candle lit meal today (shoves fingers in mouth)

Hope all you otaku’s, gamers, anime fans and you Kawaī kappuru have fun today and remember safe sex – children can drastically reduce your free time! What ever you all decide to do today remember to have fun and make time for each other.  Why not share your interests or try something new together? (I’m talking about multi-player games that get your minds out the gutter) Personally I recommend co-op games or any game that pits you against each other but watch other, they can lead to arguments especially those beat um up spammers.

Back when I was but a younger man full of the hopes and dreams, I was quite social in both my every day and gaming life enjoying guitar hero, drinking (not a good mix) and Super Smash Bros battles with friends which often ended in some pretty good evenings.

Some games cannot be played with a partner; playing Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts with my partner was a huge regret as I ended up having to do most of it for her but it was great to share these experiences with friends and those a little more.

In recent years however, unlike the rest of these guys, I’m clearly the loner.  In fact I despise people for the most part however even I have allowed them to join me in gaming bliss and have learned two things; first, Final Fantasy 14 makes a brilliant game for couples.  Visiting exotic locals, taking on world destroying foes and every man needs a medic right? Plus you can wonder off when they begin to nag you – it’s a big, big world after all (hahahaha).  Secondly any game involving fan service in any form is a big no no (90% of the time).  Trust me, it’ll be cold showers and stiff backs for weeks 🙁

beatrix russell

Geoff @madchestermanc

It’s that time of the year again when couples get soppy in restaurants and shop workers try to entice you into buying oversized teddy bears & boxes of chocolates. Why not choose to avoid all that palaver and have a quiet night in? Instead of just plonking on a movie, try something a little more interactive. Beyond Two Souls fits the bill perfect (You can get it digitally on Ps4, but the Ps3 version is cheap as chips). It has the right mix of ingredients, and being able to forge your own story together, should keep both parties engaged until the popcorn runs out. Running at about 8 hours, it won’t be completed in a single sitting – so why not make a weekend of it? Any story driven game in similar vein could be tried instead, Heavy Rain or maybe Murdered: Soul Suspect if you want a little more gameplay. It will be much more interesting than just putting on a movie at least…

If, like me, Valentine’s day isn’t something to bother with too much – I wholeheartedly suggest Fallout: New Vegas. Make your way towards the strip and you’ll find a quaint establishment in Freeside named The Atomic Wrangler. Head inside and you see a ghoulette named Beatrix Russell at the bar, hand over 25 caps for an unforgettable night. There’s no need to be alone on Valentine’s Day after all, and ghoulettes need love too ya know…

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