Sonicomi Communication with Sonico Launches for PC this Summer

JastUSA has announced the release of Sonicomi Communication with Sonico in English for PC during the summer this year. This updated release, which is set to feature animations for Sonico from the 2014 Playstation 3 release Motto! Sonicomi, is currently available to pre-order on J-List. A limited edition is available for $49.50, and a collector’s edition is also for $144:

Limited Edition

Sonicomi LE“Along with the game this edition includes a tall-standing high quality acrylic figure of Super Sonic with new original artwork by Tsuji Santa, plus collectable cards with art from the game. You will also get a Steam Key, so you can add the game to your Steam library.”

Deluxe Collectors Edition

Sonicomi DCE“This edition includes everything from the Limited Edition PLUS a full-body mousepad of Super Sonico created with new original art by Tsuji Santa. This mousepad is not a flat mousepad, but a 3D mousepad shaped as Sonico’s body! Her soft chest curves down to her smooth stomach and lower body; over twice the size of a regular moe mousepad. Weighing a firm 1.5kg, and 450mm×230mm×30mm in size, this is a collector’s item Sonico fans around the world will want to have. This mousepad has never been sold before in Japan and is limited to those who order this edition of the game, and will be shipped directly to you from Japan by speedy EMS shipping (included). This is in limited quantities and will never be reprinted again, so it’s truely a rare pre-order only item for hardcore Sonico fans.”

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