Lupiesoft Releases Character Information for The Stargazers

Lupiesoft has updated their website with new information for their latest project, The Stargazers. The Stargazers is a visual novel inspired by 50s and 80s Scifi, Pulp Fiction, and Mecha anime, which will focus on three pilots of the 1042nd Stargazers Squadron of the A.D.F.S (Allied Defence Force Signals) and their relationship together as they head on a deep space mission to the uncharted regions of space on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. Below you’ll find character profiles for the games cast, with even more information on the crew’s mission & their spacecraft available at Lupiesoft’s website:

Ozuma sm


Captain Hue-Lit Ozuma

Captain Ozuma was born with a lame right leg, and although she had undergone many surgeries as a child to fix the problem she still requires a cane to walk. Despite this she enrolled in officer school and through intense effort rose to the rank of Captain and was given command of the Shooting Star on an assignment into deep space.

While on duty she focuses on the task at hand, adopting the stern diligence that got her to this position. Off duty, Capn. Ozuma takes on a caring maternalism, commonly socializing with her crew, which she feels is important in the isolation of deep space.


Llwe sm


Chief Engineer (Unofficial Ship’s Cook) Llwellyn

Originally from Wales, Llwellyn is the only member of the crew from Earth. As a young man he played rugby for his college team and later joined the military where he quickly found a knack in engineering and mechanics. At the age of 30 he accepted the position of chief engineer aboard the Shooting Star.

When he’s not in the Cosma Bay keeping the equipment for the Stargazers Squadron in top condition, he dons his chef whites and acts as the ship’s unoffical cook when the crew is tired of meals prepared by robots.


Tem sm


Squadron Leader. Temperance Goodchild (Callsign: Altair)

“Tem” (as she prefers to be called, finding her full name embarrassing) comes from a military family. At a young age she moved to Mars, attended a high-powered cadet academy, and enlisted upon graduation. She keeps to every rule and regulation to a fault, and is a bit of a neat freak especially when it comes to her personal quarters.

She finds it hard to let down her guard around others, but once stationed in deep space she has to learn things are more easy going than life back near Earth. She dreams of being a career pilot and is a bit of a tomboy. She’s very stern sometimes but cares about her teammates.


Risty sm


Pilot Officer. Risty Mello (Callsign: Deneb)

She comes from the colony Neo Sao Paolo orbiting Europa. A telecommunications expert, she handles the networking, planning and analysis for her team, as well as communication to and from the ship. She seems somewhat distant or anti-social when she’s out of her comfort zone but she’s extremely attached to Vii and has a hard time objecting to the Space Elf, especially when Vii is more ‘adventurous’ in where she pursues Risty’s affections.

She’s constantly mediating between Vii and Tem, trying to find a balance between Vii’s carefree negligence and Tem’s strictness.


Vii sm


Pilot Officer. Viiflidi Ylvida or “Vii” for short.(Callsign: Vega)

Viiflidi or “Vii” comes from a biometallic humanoid-like species named “Space Elves” by humans, who live in a distant region of the galaxy. As part of the growing political relations with humans, many elves are given the option to serve on human ships and vice versa. Polyamorous by nature, Vii becomes interested in humans upon arriving aboard the Shooting Star, especially Risty.

Vii is very lackadaisical and is entranced by human pop culture, obsessing over the simplest things from TV shows, to junk food, and underwear. Because her body is so metallic, she must take metal supplements not present in human food.

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