Be A Barber in Barbershop Simulator

Have you ever dreamed of being a barber?  Well with Barbershop Simulator you will have your chance of living out that dream!  Well, sort of.

In Barbershop Simulator you work at a 1930’s barber shop that specialises in beard styling (which a very hip at the moment).  Armed with scissors and cut throat razors, your job is to fashion your customers beard into the desired style.  As you complete each customer you will be rated on the final product which will give you access to better equipment and even fancy capes for your customers.

The game is being developed by students at The Games Academy in Germany and currently has a crowd funding page to help further development.

If you have a weakness for 1930’s beard styling, give the demo a go and head over to their website to show them your support.

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Des Mayer

Mad Scientist with a passion for gaming!