EGX2015: Top Three Indie Games

On display at this year’s EGX were over 100 indie games.  All were very different from each other so picking out my top three games was very difficult.  However I managed it so let us start in reverse;


Extreme Exorcism | PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, Steam| Out Now

Extreme Exorcism is a multiplayer game that sees you either fighting with or against each other.  The twist is that each time you start a new round a ghost appears that mimics your every move from your past life.  Sounds harmless but your ghosts can hurt you however though you are armed with up to three weapons to defend yourself but it can become a little chaotic as the rounds go on.

It is a lot of fun when you play together but it really shines when you are playing against each other.  Not only will you be fighting your friends character, you will also have to fight their ghost, which like in any other mode will appear once you kill them.  it is pure chaos and could easily ruin some friendships.


Move Or Die | Steam| Out Now on Early Access

Tucked away in the Indie Mega Booth was another fun multiplayer game – Move or Die.  The indie title places you and up to four players (real or AI) into closed stages with a random objectives to complete with the rule being that you must move or die.

The fun comes from the random objectives and how little time you have to complete them.  They can range from painting the majority of the stage with your colour to holding onto a hat for the longest time.  You will receive five points for each win and who ever hits the round limit (set up before play) first is crowned the winner!

It is such a simple idea with simple controls but it is a game that anyone can easily enjoy.  It has the same appeal as games like Gang Beasts; get a few good friends around, grab a few snacks and just have a good time.


Party Hard | Steam| Out Now on Early Access

It is 3am, your neighbours are partying hard and you have to stop it anyway you can.
Set in a pixel world, Party Hard sees you infiltrate a party with the goal of ending it by killing every single guest without getting caught.  You can approach it one of two ways; go in stabbing everyone or by using the randomly placed objects to assist you with you killings.  The latter is by far the most efficient and easily the most fun way of doing it.

I found myself returning to this game each day whilst I was at EGX to either play the level of the day or watch some one else attempt to complete it.  It is great seeing a well laid play out but it is just as fun watching it all come falling apart.
If you get caught by any of the party guest whilst you are on a killer spree, they will call the police on you and once you are caught it is game over.  It may feel harsh that one mistake can end the game for you but trust me, you will jump straight back in.

For a game that was created at a Game Jam, I believe that anyone who likes a good tactical game should really look into getting Party Hard.

Apologies to any games that did not make my top three but like I said, there were so many on show and they all had something about them that make they a truly unique experience.  All the games above are planned to be reviewed over the next month but until then please check out the trailers above.

End Note

Over the next few weeks I will be posting Game Overviews of the majority of indie games that were on show at EGX along with any personal views as well as some planed articles based upon what I discussed with developers.

Please keep an eye out over at The Indie Revolution for any updates.

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